Betonix started operations in 1992 and is among the major suppliers of ready mixed concrete on the local market.

Betonix Ltd is the first concrete company in Mauritius which has been awarded ISO 9001 certification by AJA (Anglo Japanese American) Registrars. Betonix has two production plants on the island, at La Tour Koenig and at Rose Belle, as well as a selling point at Phoenix. The company has conquered a sizeable market share only within a short period and has developed a brand name that is synonymous with quality, reliability and professionalism. Over the years, the brand has conquered a sizeable market share only through the quality of its products and services coupled with its highly motivated and dedicated workforce. Whether it is an individual house or the most challenging construction project, Betonix aims at providing the best ready-mixed concreting services to customers at the four corners of Mauritius in a timely and cost effective manner by delivering quality services with the flexibility to meet clients' specific needs.

We at Betonix know that the key to our ongoing success are our highly skilled and valued people. Today, the company has a workforce of nearly 200 employees and invest massively in training at all levels for a qualified staff in an organisation where quality prevails. The company today has a fleet of 50 vehicles consisting of truckmixers, dumptrucks, concrete pumps and waterbowzers.


Being the first concrete manufacturing company to be certified ISO 9001 by AJA, Betonix has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 award.


Heavy investment in training of its human resources at all levels from drivers to top management for a qualified staff in an organisation where quality prevails.

Customers Focus

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. At Betonix, we focus on quality and timely delivery and always strive to meet customer expectations.

State of the Art Technology

The company policy is to use the best equipment available on the market to ensure a reliable service, and in that respect investments have been made for Betonix to have the latest technology concrete batching plant in the Indian Ocean.


Betonix always believes in proper maintenance of its equipment as this is considered to be an investment instead of an expenditure. It helps increase their life cycle as well as maintain quality standards of products and services.


To ensure that mix designs comply with the most stringent specifications, all production phases are closely monitored by qualitied personnel and samples are meticulously tested in our laboratory.

Environmental Commitment

Betonix is committed towards improving the environment by constantly implementing green practice such as we aim to reduce construction waste products and recycling water. Also making sure most of our vehicles follow the Euro 4 emission standards. Environment audits are carried out on a regular basis and improvements are made where necessary.

Health & Safety

Working in a safe environment is of paramount importance for the Directors and Managers of Betonix. Over and above the minimum H&S requirements, it is constantly investing in training its personnel to ensure security at work.


Veekram Bhunjun, CEO of the Bhunjun Group is holder of a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the Imperial College, U.K. He is a member of the Institution of Engineers of Mauritius. 
V. Bhunjun started his career as Site Engineer with the company in 1990.  He is the founder and the driving force behind the setting up of Betonix Ltd and Fine Crush Ltd, subsidiary companies of the Group.  With nearly twenty years in the contruction and property development fields, V. Bhunjun has extensive experience in building and civil engineering works. As the CEO of the Group, V. Bhunjun oversees all projects undertaken by the Group and has been integrally involved in its growth over its successful history.

Shivani Bhunjun Financial Secretary

Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce (accounting and finance), Curtin University

Dinesh Kalikaparsad Financial Director

From Accountant, D. Kalikaparsad was promoted to Group Financial Director in 2004. He has a thorough knowledge of construction accounting.

D. Kalikaparsad is responsible for directing and managing the Group’s financial resources in order to ensure continuous growth and long-term viability of the Group’s resources.

Deepa Kalikaparsad Business Development Manager

Joined Betonix in Year 2011 as the Finance Manager. Over the 11 years role diversified to Business Development, Project Finance & Implementation.  Got tremendous exposure and experience in contracts Negotiation and Legal Aspects of doing business.

Nizaam Joomun Sales and marketing manager

Qualification: Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering from University of Limoges Franc

Harsha Hurkoo General Manager

After earning a master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, H. Hurkoo joined the Bhunjun Group of companies in Year 2011 and assumed the title of General Manager of Betonix Ltd in Year 2022.  Having graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Harsha Hurkoo joined the Hospitality Industry, where she served as Quality Assurance Manager.

Geraldine Michel Administrative Assistant

Joined in 2018

Navin Appiah Finance Manager

Joined in 2010

Qualification: FCCA

Darren Govinden Production Executive

Joined in 2019

Qualification: MSc Mechanical Engineering

Keshav Doobree Head of Quality Assurance

Joined in 2020

Qualification: BEng Civil Engineering (University of Mauritius, UOM) & Master in Business Administration (MBA at Open University of Mauritius, OUM)